Boost employee energy with delicious Smart Soda, the healthiest beverage choice
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Perfect For Your Office Bar Restaurant Spa Fitness Center Home Cafeteria C-Store

Vitamin Infused

B3, B6, B12, C

Functional Shots

Energy, Immunity, Relaxation

Made with Unlimited Alkaline Water

Customized Bottles with Your Logo

Sugar-Free Sodas

Organic Cane Sugar Sodas

32 Flavors

Great Taste

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All Benefit, No Compromise


100% Financing, No Down Payment & 90 day deferred payment

Nationwide & hassle-free financing, no money down installation & drink for 90 days before your first payment for qualified customers.


1,900 – 10,000 free drinks at install to get you started (depending on the model)

We treat you to your first delicious drinks


Free Maintenance for the term of your lease Included

Simplified, all-inclusive service and maintenance is included. Need your filter replaced? No problem!


32 Vitamin Infused flavors from 4 categories

- Organic Cane Sugar Sodas
- Diet Sodas
- Flavored Waters
- Functional shots, Energy, Relaxation, & Immunity


Unlimited Sparkling Mineral Water & Still Alkaline Water

Check out our 32 amazing flavors!

Mango Flavor

Tropical Grapefruit Flavor

Cucumber Melon Flavor

Cucumber Mint Flavor

Watermelon Lime Flavor

Lemon Lime Flavor

Cranberry Raspberry Flavor

Lemon Ginger Flavor

Strawberry Rose Flavor

Cocnut Lime Flavor

Apple Cinnamon Flavor

Black Cherry Flavor

Blackberry Flavor

Blueberry Flavor

Cola Flavor

Diet Cherry Vanilla Flavor

Diet Cola Flavor

Diet Key Lime Flavor

Diet Strawberry Watermelon Flavor

Ginger Ale Flavor

Ginger Beer Flavor

Pink Lemonade Flavor

Lemon Lime Flavor

Orange Flavor

Pineapple Coconut Flavor

Root Beer Flavor

Raspberry Blackberry Flavor

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Smart Soda. A Healthy Beverage Alternative

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